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You've heard about swinging now watch REAL Brits at swingers parties across the UK in these great swingers videos for download & streaming - Don't buy swingers DVDs rent them!!!

I've long been a fan of real swingers movies and one thing I've made sure is that the videos I download only have UK amateur swingers

If your considering the swinging lifestyle and not really sure if this is for you then downloading or streaming a swingers video is a great way to get in insight into this great lifestyle and as a swinger I find these videos to be very true to life as many have just been videoed at real UK swingers parties:

If you new to Swingers VOD ( video on demand) below I've details some of the great way in which you can watch these movies on your PC - so no more waiting for swingers DVDS to turn up you can watch these swingers films 247!!! GREAT :o)

  • Pay-per-view = what a sweet way to watch swingers videos, you only pay for what you watch and when you consider the cost which is very cheap a great way to check out the movie before you download it
  • 48 hour swingers streaming rentals = rather than just watching a bit of their movie you want it all so using streaming is the best option, and some movies will only allow you stream the film so check this out first
  • 7 or 30 Swingers Download day hire = by downloading the swingers movies you can watch them as often as you like over 7-30 days depending on how long you download it for